Wish You Could Smell Like A Burger King Whopper?


(PCM) For anyone that ever wished they could savor the scent and smell like their favorite flame-grilled Burger King Whopper, Burger King in Japan has the answer for you.

The company is releasing a limited-edition fragrance that will smell exactly like its’ trademark sandwich. Here’s the catch … unfortunately you will have to be in Japan to get your hands on scent and it will be available for one day only, ironically on April 1st (April Fool’s Day).

Rest assured this is not an April Fool’s Day prank, as an advertisement for the upcoming fragrance titled “Flame-Grilled” has been running since mid-March. The fragrance will be selling for $5,000 yen which equals out to be about $41 in U.S. dollars. The company had previously released a scent called “Flame” here in the U.S. several years ago, so it is assumed that they will be using a similar formula in Japan.

April 1st also happens to be National Whopper Day in Japan and while not an official holiday, it is registered with the Japanese Anniversary Association for recognition.