Woman Claims To Be Sexually Assaulted By A Toy At Tennessee Hibachi Restaurant


(PCM) A woman by the name of Isabelle Lassiter claims that she was sexually assaulted by a children’s toy that simulates urination during a recent visit to a Hibachi restaurant in Murfreesboro, Tennessee.  She claims the sexual assault occurred when she was jokingly squirted with water from the toy, which is designed to resemble a young boy that has dropped his pants and is urinating.

For those that have ever visited a Hibachi type restaurant that you have more than likely encountered the toy in question and it is always meant to be used in good fun as a way to joke around with patrons. The Lassiter family apparently did not find the joke to be very funny.

Lassiter claims that “It peed on me…basically, out of his… wee wee area” and goes on to say that her entire family was mortified by the incident. A chef at the restaurant does agree that the toy squirted Lassiter in the face, but it should definitely not be viewed as any type of sexual assault.  The Lassiters called the police and when they arrived even the officers noted that the toy in question was not anatomically correct.

Lassiter claims that makes no difference and whether or not a piece of plastic was cut off where the penis would be located it does not change the fact that the toy simulates being urinated upon. The restaurant has since issued an apology to Lassiter, but stands by their comments saying they have never had a single complaint about the toy in the past.

In the future the restaurant still plans to incorporate the toy into their dinner show, however they will now be asking permission from guests before bringing it out and spraying the water.