Woman Discovers A Hidden Statue In A Garden Gnome!


(PCM) A Tennessee woman by the name of Heather Andrews, got quite the surprise when she noticed what appeared to be a religious statue of sorts hidden inside her $20 garden gnome after it fell and broke on her driveway.

After the gnome shattered, Andrews took a look inside the statue and it can be clearly seen that there is another statue crafted inside the gnome. It appears to be bearded and wearing a robe and is fused to the bottom of the gnome statues internal base.

It is widely speculated by gnome enthusiasts that gnomes represent guardians of treasure, so there has been no official comment on whether or not the statue within a statue was a prank on behalf of the gnome’s manufacturers or if it is some sort of crazy coincidence. ┬áThe gnome was purchased at a Target store.

Andrews has now gone as far as to create social media accounts for the gnome which she has nicknamed Pete and he is certainly racking up a lot of followers. Andrew, who has a collection of gnomes as gag gifts, was curious if any of her other gnomes contained statues, but was a bit disappointed to learn after breaking a few more from her collection she came up empty-handed.

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