Woman Jailed After Police Mistake SpaghettiO’s For Meth


(PCM) A Georgia woman has been released from jail after police discovered what they initially believe to be meth on a spoon in her vehicle was actually dried up SpaghettiO’s.

23-year old Ashley Huff spent longer than a month behind bars while the police crime lab completed tests on the spoon found in her vehicle. Huff proclaimed her innocence throughout the entire ordeal, pleading with officers that the spoon contained food not any sort of drugs.

The court has dismissed Huff’s charges and the residue on the spoon was indeed spaghetti sauce just as Huff had said since her initial arrest. Huff was originally set to go through drug court rather than spend time in jail, however she failed to make her necessary appointments and was sent to jail back on August 2nd. She was held because she was not able to post bond for her release.

Court documents revealed that Huff had no prior felonies or drug related offenses prior to the incident with the spoon which makes this case all the more bizarre. Certainly brings new meaning to the catch-phrase “Uh-oh … SpaghettiO’s” doesn’t it?