Woman Loses An Eye Due To A Single Speck Of Glitter


(PCM) A woman by the name of Erica Diaz is sharing her tragic story to warn others that something as harmless as glitter, which is used in many children’s arts and crafts projects, can be very dangerous. Diaz lost her eye after she was helping her daughter clean up an arts and crafts project and a tiny speck of glitter became stuck in her eye.

The speck of glitter ended up rupturing her cornea, which in turn led to a painful fungal infection in her eye that would not go away. Diaz underwent several painful surgeries, including a cornea replacement, as well as, various medications and eye drops, however the infection never cleared and she eventually had to have her entire eye removed and replaced with a prosthetic.

Diaz decided to share her story via IMGUR under the user name “minimonster1437” and somehow was able to keep a strong sense of humor throughout the entire ordeal. You can read her postings here! Despite her ordeal she still manages to keep a positive attitude about the entire situation saying “I guess a brush with potential glittery death helps you figure out what you really love and what you don’t. Do I think glitter should be banned? No. Just wear goggles and gloves when using it to protect your eyes and keep it from getting stuck under your nails where you risk rubbing it into your eyes accidentally. F**k glitter bombs, tho.”