Yes, Umbilical Cord Art Is Really A Thing


(PCM) If you are the type to get queasy we suggest you look no further as it seems umbilical cord art is now a thing! New mothers are finding a way to put the umbilical cord to use in several artistic ways. We didn’t even realize that afterbirth crafting was actually a trend!

Looks like the trend of new mothers consuming the placenta directly after birth is on the way out and umbilical cord art is on the way in and both make us equally squeamish. The new mothers are taking the dried up body fluids and tissues from the umbilical cord and crafting it into various shapes such as hearts or spirals and even spelling out the word “love” is an incredibly popular choice.

They are then framing the dried umbilical cord art to hang as wall art either in the nursery or other areas of the home. This is totally not something we would like to walk in and find on someone’s wall, but to each their own it seems. You should see some of the images people have posted on Pinterest and Instagram showcasing this art, as it truly takes things to an entirely new level. Buzzfeed gathered quite a collection to showcase.

The art has been described by new mothers as both “amazing” and “magical”, but others tend to find it a bit disturbing. Many women feel that the last thing on their minds after giving birth to their child would be trying to save the umbilical cord for the sake of art. Either way the trend is beginning to take off and don’t be surprised to see a lot more umbilical cord art pieces hanging in the homes of new parents, disgusting or not!

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