You May Soon Be Able To Purchase Items Using Just Your Face!


(PCM) While facial recognition technology is not a new concept, credit card company Mastercard has now found a way to use facial recognition technology to allow consumers to purchase items using just an app and their faces.

The app allows users to choose either their fingerprint or face. All you need to do is tap, and it asks you to verify the amount. You tap it, and the transaction has been OK’d.  Mastercard began testing facial recognition technology in regards to payment last year and they have been incredibly happy with the feedback so “selfie pay”, as they are calling it, will become a permanent payment option.

Consumers told Mastercard that they much preferred paying for their items via selfie or fingerprint, as it required them to remember fewer passwords or numerical codes. As a way to heighten security for the new “selfie pay” feature, Mastercard requires that user blink while taking the photo so that thieves and hackers can not beat the system by just holding up a still image of the user.

While Mastercard might be the first company to allow “selfie pay”, other companies such as HSBC are now offering customers the ability to manage their accounts with voice and fingerprints and both Apple Pay and Samsung Pay allow users to purchase items using their fingerprints.

Rumor has it that Mastercard is also working on an even more bizarre payment technology that would allow customers to pay for items and validate credit card transactions using their heartbeat. Expect a full roll out for “selfie pay” throughout the U.S. this summer!