Zombie Cat Comes Back From The Dead


(PCM) The nickname Zombie Cat has been playfully given to the cat who was presumed dead and buried by his heartbroken owners after being struck by a car in Tampa, Florida, only to return from the dead nearly five days later.

Zombie Cat’s real name is Bart and his owner claims that after he was struck by the car, the cat was showing absolutely no signs of life and he suffered wounds to his face, a broken jaw, and a damaged eye.

Five days after the burial, Bart’s owners were shocked to see the cat alive again in their neighbors yard. He had somehow managed to claw his way out of the grave and towards fresh air. His survival is a true miracle.

While Bart was certainly very weak and dehydrated after the ordeal, the local area Humane Society in Tampa, where his owners took him to be treated, expect Bart to make a full recovery. He recently underwent surgery to wire his jaw, fix his palette, and remove his damaged eye and the vet says that the surgery was a success and Bart will be returning home to his owners as soon as possible.