Camera Trick Or Did A Woman Really Disappear On Live TV


(PCM) The internet is buzzing after a woman appeared to vanish into thin air during a live news report on Danish TV. A gif and video of the incident was shared on Reddit and of course various conspiracy theories began popping up immediately.

A man was being interviewed by TV2’s Sports Center show at an airport baggage claim and a blonde woman can be seen standing in the shot behind him. All of a sudden she is seen speaking with a baggage claim attendant and then she literally disappears.

While there is definitely a logical explanation for the woman’s vanishing act, such as she just so happened to be walking at the exact same time as the woman pushing the baggage cart causing her to disappear behind the cart, however leave it to the internet to come up with some sort of paranormal explanation. Some have said that the woman was a ghost, others say she is a shape-shifter or it some form of alien activity, but most likely it is a camera trick.

Our favorite comment came from the top Reddit commenter¬†“So? Everything disappears in baggage claim.”