Can You Spot Anything Wrong With This School Bus?


(PCM) A Tennessee woman is outraged after she claims that she saw a satanic pentagram symbol in the brake lights of a Durham School Services school bus in Cordova.

The woman snapped a picture of the brake lights and has since filed a complaint with the school district. She wishes to remain anonymous and says that ever since she posted the photo on social media she began receiving several death threats.

The woman was horrified when she noticed the pentagram like shape in the school buses lights and says “If you can’t put a cross, you can’t put a pentagram on it”. Several people including a practicing Wiccan looked at and commented on the image saying that it doesn’t even look close to a pentagram and that it is probably a coincidental occurrence.

The woman also went on to compare the situation to Walgreen’s removing holiday wrapping paper from their shelves after several people claimed that they noticed swastika symbols within the design. We are not really sure how these two instances are even close to being related as the swastika is a symbol for the mass genocide of millions of people and the pentagram is a religious symbol that a little research would prove does not actually represent evil. Relax, lady … we promise your children are not riding on Satan’s magic school bus!

The school district, itself, has yet to publicly comment on the situation, but we somehow doubt that they will be replacing their school bus lighting systems anytime soon!