Canadian Family Lives With A Corpse For Six Months In Hopes Of A Resurrection


(PCM) A devout Christian family was discovered to be living with the corpse of the family patriarch in hopes that he would eventually be resurrected from the dead.

50 year old Kaling Wald plead guilty to keeping her husbands decomposing corpse in a bedroom and from refraining to tell police or the coroner that her husband had passed away from an illness that was not treated by a medical professional.

Peter Wald, the woman’s husband, passed away sometime in March of 2013. He is said to have been suffering from diabetes and became ills after he foot became severely infected. He was under the belief that God would cure him of the ailment.

When neighbors began to question Peter’s disappearance Kaling would tell them he was “in God’s hands now”, however his body was actually locked in an upstairs bedroom where Kaling and the rest of her family went about their day-to-day lives and continued to pray for his soul. They even went as far as to seal the room’s door and air vents with duct tape to keep the smell from spreading to other areas of the home.

The body was discovered by a local area sheriff in September 2013 when he came by the home to evict the family. The body was in a state of decomposition and mummification. Kaling was sentenced to 18 months probation and ordered to seek psychiatric counseling.