Exploding Ball Invention Puts Out Fires When It Is Tossed Into Flames


(PCM) A new invention called the Elide Fire Ball is one of the most interesting products we have ever seen. It is a sphere-like object that you actually throw directly into a fire, where it then explodes and puts out the flames. You can see a video of this invention in action below:

A German start-up company are the ones behind the invention and they claim that they have designed an idiot-proof way for people to be able to put out fires in an incredibly simple and fast way. They feel that people do not know how to properly operate a common fire extinguisher, as you are supposed to spray it around the entire burning area, not directly on to the flames as most people assume. The Elide Fire Ball only weighs 3lbs and is light enough for anyone to be able to pick up and throw directly onto the fire to extinguish.

The Elide Fire Ball also features a 140 decibel explosion that also serves as a fire alarm, however when it explodes it does no additional damage to any surrounding areas and most importantly does not harm any people. Definitely a cool idea and one we can certainly get behind!