Could We Finally Be Seeing The World’s First Airplane, Helicopter, Car Hybrid


(PCM) For years futurists have been predicting that we will be seeing great advancements in the area of travel technology. It has always been a fantasy that we would eventually be zipping around in those futuristic flying cars just like a real life episode of The Jetsons.

Well, it seems now that those technology advances are not as far off as we initially thought. An Arizona-based start-up company by the name of Krossblade, has recently unveiled their latest invention called the SkyCruiser and it is an electric hybrid aircraft that switch between being an airplane, a quadcopter and also be driven on the road as a car.

It is the complete travel package for anywhere you plan to travel. The company states that their reasoning for creating the hybrid vehicle is because airplane can cover long distances quickly and efficiently, a helicopter can take off and land vertically and a car … well you get the point!

The company also goes on to say that their ultimate goal is to have the SkyCruiser become a point to point vehicle for travelers which will get them safely door to door. Currently, the SkyCruiser in only the concept phase, but the company is currently testing a smaller version of the same idea called the SkyProwler.

No word thus far on when and if these inventions will eventually be released on a wide scale, but for now it is certainly an interesting concept to ponder.