Has The Infamous Jersey Devil Finally Been Captured On Film?


(PCM) The legend of the Jersey Devil has long been a story that has been shared among New Jersey residents and visitors to the Pinelands area of the state for years. Many have reported sightings of a large winged creature that resides in the wood, however there has truly been no concrete proof of its’ existence .. that is until now?

A New Jersey resident by the name of Dave Black claims that he has photographic proof of what is alleged to be the infamous Jersey Devil that was captured as he was driving home from work on Route 9 in Galloway, New Jersey.

Black says that as he was driving past the Galloway golf course he saw what appeared to be a llama darting in and out of the trees that line the roadway. Here’s where it gets to be a bit odd. Black says that as he was watching the creature, it suddenly opened up it’s wings, took flight over the golf course and then it was gone.

Black managed to grab his cellphone and take a few quick pictures, however he claims that only one came out clearly. Black initially believed that his mind was playing tricks on him as he was unable to come up with any clear explanation to describe what he witnessed other than a sighting of the Jersey Devil.

After submitting the photo to NJ.com, people immediately began to question the authenticity of Black’s image, however he swears up and down that it was not manipulated in any way and that he is only looking for some sort of rational explanation for what he witnessed.

In fact, just as many were about to dismiss Black’s photo as yet another fake, a woman by the name of Emily Martin, also reported a second sighting of the Jersey Devil on the same day. She managed to capture the creature on film and submitted it to the website WeirdNJ.com.

We have to admit that the photo definitely depicts some sort of out of the ordinary creature. What do you think?  Has the infamous Jersey Devil at long last been captured on film?