The Jasmine Tridevil Third Breast Story Appears To Be A Hoax


(PCM) It was only a matter of time before the story that was circulating the internet yesterday about a woman named Jasmine Tridevil who claimed to have a surgically implanted third breast was researched by and labeled a hoax.

The story began popping up on social media yesterday that claimed the woman from Florida, Jasmine Tridevil underwent cosmetic surgery to have a third breast implanted and the media began re-posting several of the same images and videos that showcased the alleged third breast.

According to, many of these outlets failed to look any deeper into the story or even question if this procedure was surgically possible. All of the photos shared were self-taken and could have easily been faked and no one bothered to dig up any background information at all.

In her story, Ms. Tridevil (which is obviously a fake name) claims that she was asked to sign a non-disclosure agreement for the doctor who performed the alleged procedure, so therefore she covered her tracks for anyone looking to speak with the doctor to corroborate her story. She claims she went to over 50 doctors before locating one who would do the procedure and also claims to have spent $20,000 total on the procedure and having an areola tattooed.

The only sources of any information about Tridevil came directly from both her personal Facebook and Youtube pages and the alleged third breast is never seen without being covered by some type of clothing. Also, if you look closely at some of the video footage the breast in questions appears to be a completely different skin tone.

Tridevil claims that she wanted to procedure done to make herself “less attractive to men” however surgeons are ethically bound to decline surgical procedures on patients with certain mental health concerns. Tridevil’s claim about wanting to look less attractive would surely fit into this category.

Tridevil claimed to have booked appearances on both Jimmy Kimmel and Inside Edition however there has been no evidence to support these claims, also when Snopes spoke with a plastic surgeon he explained that a surgical procedure such as implanting a third breast would be “lengthy and exhaustive” and could take up to “one year” to complete.

Snopes also dug up the fact that the woman calling herself Jasmine Tridevil bears a striking resemblance to a model by the name of Alicia Hessler, which also happens to be the name that the domain is registered. Tridevil also bears a strong resemblance to a Florida massage therapist by the name of Alisha Jasmine Hessler.

The weblisting for Alisha’s Golden Touch Massage features banners that read “provider of internet hoaxes since 2014” and “specialist in massage of three-breasted women”. If that doesn’t seriously having you leaning towards this being a hoax then we don’t know what would.

Sorry internet…looks like you have been had!