Say It Isn’t So! Double Stuf Oreos Proven To Lack Stuffiness!

Oreo1(PCM) Some absolutely genius kids and their math teacher have recently performed an experiment on Nabisco’s Double Stuf Oreo Cookies to prove that the cookies do not actually have double the creme filling as regular Oreo Cookies.

The findings of the math class show that consumers are getting back 7% less of the creaminess that they are actually promised by Oreo manufacturer Nabisco. While testing 10 cookies the class found that Double Stuf Oreos were only 1.86 times bigger than regular Oreo Cookies and just wait it gets better….Mega Stuf Oreos which promise three times the creme filling also fall short and were proven to be only 2.86 times larger than the regular Oreo Cookie as well!

What’s up with this Nabisco?!?

The company has responded to the classes claims saying they are wrong and that the cookies do indeed contain twice the creme filling and questioned the classes measurement techniques.

Either way, I think we should all take a little time to conduct our own experiment into this tasty issue..who doesn’t love a chance to take a milk and cookies break! Be right back!