Smart Umbrella Can Predict When It Is Going To Rain


(PCM) Isn’t technology grand? A Kickstarter campaign will be┬álaunched to bring a new smart umbrella to the market that can actually predict when it is going to rain and warn users in advance of a potential downpour. The product is called the Oombrella and makes use of a chip implanted in it’s handle that allows it to forecast any potential showers.

The Oombrella can be linked to a users smartphone and it will send them a message such as “Hey it’s going to rain in 15 minutes where you are, so you better take your umbrella” as a way to warn them that unfavorable weather conditions are more than likely headed their way.

The Oombrella will be priced at $85, which is a bit steep, but new technology always seems to come at a higher price. If you are like us then you are always guilty of forgetting about your umbrella and leaving it somewhere. We thought it was pretty neat that the Oombrella also has the ability to send users a text message warning that they may have accidentally left the umbrella somewhere. Definitely useful, however with that price tag, we would probably keep the Oombrella pretty close.

The plan is to have the Oombrella go on sale in March and users can hope to have the product in their hands by the holiday shopping season.


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