Man Discovers a Tapeworm in His Brain and the Horror is Too Much to Handle

(PCM) Oh, the absolute horror; this is honestly the stuff of nightmares. A man suffering from severe headaches discovered that the source of his constant perturbation was a species of tapeworm rarely seen in humans, Spirometra erinaceieuropaei. The man ended FOUR YEARS of headaches that started in 2008 and gradually became compounded with seizures and issues with… Read More

How Cow Cologne Could Stop Mosquito Bites

(PCM) A company out of California has just earned a Gates Foundation grant to continue its’ research and experimentation with an unorthodox form of pest control which is cow cologne. Created by ISCA Technologies, the cow cologne according to Smithsonian is “a mildly-scented shampoo-y goo is sprayed onto a cow that makes the animals smell like humans from several weeks… Read More